The 10 Most Enjoyable Jobs for Older Workers

The 10 Most Enjoyable Jobs for Older Workers

The 10 Most Enjoyable Jobs for Older Workers

Consider applying for one of these jobs for people over 50 for flexibility and the desire for purpose.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, older workers are rethinking how they spend their time, similar to many of their younger peers. According to AARP's 2023 Value of Experience report, about six out of ten employees over the age of 50 have been reevaluating how their employment fit into their lives.

They might be doing that by looking into various job opportunities. Years of work experience may have given them savings, benefits, and retirement plans from prior positions, as well as the wisdom to understand what kind of work attracts to them.

According to Justin Guest, vice president of Engage Life for Atria Senior Living, "You're talking about a generation that has transformed the industry of work as we know it." He points out that many older Americans were early adopters of office technology, and that this experience has given them invaluable knowledge and perspective.

According to a working paper released by the National Bureau of Economic Research in 2022, some jobs are merely more age-friendly than others. The authors point out that older workers have unique abilities and preferences, including a wish for more freedom and fewer risks at work.

Here are 10 career options for people over 50 to think about, whether you're looking for a second career or are just seeking to supplement your income while semi-retired.

  • Clergy.
  • Tour guide.
  • Business owner.
  • Maintenance worker.
  • Retail salesperson.
  • Teacher.
  • Financial planner.
  • Counselor or life coach.
  • Consultant.
  • Any job that captures your imagination.


Having a meaningful job is one of the top concerns for older workers, and no position ranks higher for older workers in terms of enjoyment than that of the clergy. This is supported by a 2017 survey of more than 6,000 older workers, performed by the think tank Urban Institute. Seniors working in this field report that they really appreciate what they do by nearly two thirds.

When it comes to the aspects of employment that older workers value, this job ticks a lot of the right boxes. It gives opportunities for social interaction, a fulfilling line of work, flexibility, and social interaction.

Tour Guide

The NBER working paper names guides as one of the best options for people 50 and older in terms of age-friendly employment. Soft skills like interpersonal communication, which can be a strength for many older workers, are highly valued in these jobs.

According to Eva Chan, a career counselor and certified professional resume writer with the website Resume Genius, "as tour guides, they bring unique perspectives and insights to the table that enrich visitors' experiences in ways no one else could."

Additionally, according to AARP, many tour guide jobs giveflexibility, which is something valued by 79% of workers over the age of 50.

Business Owner

Older workers might be ready to be their own boss after years of following instructions from others.

According to Mary Cannon, a business attorney and founder of the upcoming coaching app goodcounsl, "A large number of older people are particularly well-suited to entrepreneurship." They have prior work and life experience. They are more apt to be aware of and ok with who they really are.

You don't have to stay in your present field, either. According to Cannon, some of the most successful company launches she has helped with involved clients who switched to an entirely different industry.

Maintenance Worker

Although it may not be the most glamorous role, working in maintenance can be ideal for seniors looking for full- or part-time work that is less stressful.

We have some people who have moved into maintenance roles, adds Guest. Residents of Atria Senior Living communities who find employment on-site have a means to supplement their income without having to travel.

According to the AARP Value of Experience report, an easy commute is a "must have job characteristic" for 88% of employees 50 and older.

Retail Salesperson

While working in a retail establishment may not be the most lucrative employment option for older workers, it is difficult to beat in terms of flexibility.

Additionally, there are many different stores that offer retail sales positions, making it possible to find a career that complements a person's interests. These positions also give workers the chance to converse with customers and impart information, both of which can be appealing aspects of the job.


Schools value experienced teachers and are frequently ready to meet their requirements for work. While postsecondary institutions may seek for experienced professionals to teach on a part-time basis, retired teachers are frequently invited back as substitutes.

Paul Dillon, a professor at Duke University's Sanford School of Public Policy who teaches a course on veterans' problems, says teaching as an adjunct (professor) is another excellent job for an older worker. It provides an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with future generations.

Some teaching positions might not even require instructors to journey to campuses with the rise of online education.

Financial Planner

A financial planner may be one of the finest jobs for older workers for those with investing expertise. For those who want to work part-time and be semi-retired, these jobs are well suited to flexible work schedules.

Considering a second job in insurance sales is a related choice. Older insurance sales agents gain from their extensive network of connections because the business is all about developing relationships.

According to the NBER working paper, jobs in finance, insurance, and real estate generally have the greatest average age friendliness.

Counselor or Life Coach

According to the Urban Institute research, counselors have the second-most pleasurable jobs for older workers, even though they are far behind clergy. Nearly half of those working in this profession say they like what they do.

Depending on the jurisdiction, certain educational and/or licensing requirements may apply to counseling positions. Although not every older worker will be qualified to work as a counselor, becoming a life guide might be an option. These positions provide a less official means of guiding others.

According to Chan, "They draw on their rich life experiences to help clients navigate obstacles and accomplish their goals." "It's really having an effect on other people,"


There is no need to switch careers as one ages if one enjoys their present line of work. Instead of quitting their job, they could become consultants as opposed to employees.

A great job for an older worker is becoming a consultant on your own in your area of expertise, according to Dillon. It gives you the opportunity to make money while setting your own schedule and working at your own speed.

Businesses in a wide range of industries, including business, IT, management, and bookkeeping, may employ consultants. Workers may be hired in some circumstances to assist with particular tasks, while others may be asked to mentor new hires. If an older employee and present employer get along well, they might be able to work together as a consultant after retirement.

Any Job That Captures Your Imagination

Don't fall into the trap of believing that only particular occupations are suitable or enjoyable for people over the age of 50.

According to Jon Morgan, CEO of Venture Smarter, a consulting company that helps startups and small businesses, "in the end, the most enjoyable job for older workers will depend on their individual interests and goals." In this stage of life, it is crucial to think about the kind of job that will bring the most fulfillment.

To discover the ideal job, take into account your needs and personal goals. For older workers, any job can be enjoyable; the key is to identify what that vocation is for each individual.




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